Elisa A. Bonnin

Scientist and Fantasy Author

I write YA fantasy books. My debut, Dauntless, is being published by Swoon Reads / Feiwel and Friends and will be released on July 19, 2022. My sophomore novel, Stolen City, will be released on September 20, 2022. To learn more about my adventures in publishing, and to get updates on Dauntless and Stolen City, sign up for my newsletter below.

I am also a real life scientist. Though this site is mostly for my creative work, if you stumbled onto this looking for information about my research, please visit this page.

I’m a freelance writer always looking to take on new projects. If you have a project in mind, whether fiction or science writing, please go to my contact page.

If you would like me to visit your school, library, book club or organization, either in-person or virtually, please use this form.

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